Spanish Word: sus
English Meaning: 1. his 2. her 3. their 4. (formal) your (plural) 5. its
German Meaning: seine

Example Sentences:

La coquetería es uno de sus defectos.
Flirting is one of his faults.
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China y España acordaron fortalecer sus relaciones.
China and Spain agreed to strengthen their relationships.
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He conocido a Jane y también a sus padres.
I've met Jane and I've also met her parents.
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Me encanta Oscar Wilde. Especialmente sus obras de teatro.
I love Oscar Wilde. Especially, his theatre plays.
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Carolina tiene muchos fallos de ortografía en sus tareas.
Carolina made several spelling mistakes in her homework.
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Le llamaban "Dumbo" por sus grandes orejas.
He was called "Dumbo" because of his big ears.
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El doctor visita muy a menudo a sus pacientes.
The doctor visits his patients frequently.
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