Imperfective: брат (brat)
Gender: (m)
English Meaning: brother

Word Forms: брата (bráta), братом (brátom), братья (brát'ya)

Example Sentences:

Мой брат - успешный юрист.
moĭ brat - uspéshnȳĭ yuríst.
My brother is a successful lawyer.
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Твой брат старше или младше тебя?
tvoĭ brat stárshe íli mládshe tebyá?
Is your brother older or younger than you?
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У меня один брат.
u menyá odín brat.
I have one brother.
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Мой брат женат.
moĭ brat zhenát.
My brother is married.
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Мой брат силён, как бык!
moĭ brat silyón, kak bȳk!
My brother is as strong as an ox!
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Ты ладишь со своим братом?
tȳ ládish' so svoím brátom?
Do you get on with your brother?
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Мой брат очень симпатичный.
moĭ brat óchen' simpatíchnȳĭ.
My brother is very handsome.
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