Grammar Lesson 6:

Plurals for masculine nouns

The following rules apply to form the plural of masculine nouns:

If the noun ends with a consonant, add "ы" or "и":

праздник - праздники (holiday - holidays)
грек - греки (Greek - Greeks)
подъезд - подъезды (entrance - entrances)
талант - таланты (talent - talents)

If the noun ends with a "й" replace "й" with "и":

музей - музеи (museum - museums)
сарай - сараи (shed - sheds)

If the noun ends with a "ь" replace "ь" with "и":

спаниель - спаниели (spaniel - spaniels)
зверь - звери (beast - beasts)
конь - кони (horse - horses)

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