Portuguese Word: bom m.
Feminine: boa
Plural: bons
Plural (Feminine): boas
English Meaning: good, well, fine, right

Example Sentences:

Exceto ontem, o tempo esteve sempre bom.
Except yesterday the weather was always good.
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Boa ideia.
That's a good idea.
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Tenha uma boa noite!
Have a nice evening!
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Ela é uma boa aluna, embora só estude de vez em quando.
She is a good student, although she only studies at times.
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Foi bom ter todos presentes na reunião.
It was good that everyone was present at the meeting.
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A maioria dos americanos considera o novo presidente muito bom.
The majority of US-Americans believe that the new president is very good.
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"Boa noite, querida. Tenha bons sonhos!", disse sua mãe.
"Good night, darling. Sweet dreams!" said her mom.
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