Portuguese Word: as
English Meaning: the (feminine plural)

Example Sentences:

As temperaturas na França permanecem acima dos 30ºC.
Temperatures in France have remained over 30C.
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Sinto muito, mas estou com as mãos amarradas.
I'm sorry, but my hands are tied.
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As pessoas podem se acostumar a tudo.
One can get used to anything.
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Você não pode ignorar as evidências.
You can't ignore the evidence.
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Ele lê o jornal todas as manhãs.
He reads the newspaper every morning.
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As crianças aprendem idiomas muito mais rápido que os adultos.
Children learn languages much faster than adults.
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Ele sempre lava as mãos antes de comer.
He always washes his hands before eating.
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Related Words:


1. the (feminine singular) 2. them 3. at, by, in, of, on, till, under, upon 4. her, them (female) 5. to 6. towards 7. it

Here: the (female)

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