Portuguese Word: cinquenta
English Meaning: fifty, 50

Word Forms: 50

Example Sentences:

O meu chefe já passou dos 50 anos, mas ainda parece bem jovem.
My boss is already over 50, but he still looks very young.
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Em função da diminuição dos pedidos, a empresa demitiu 50% da força de trabalho sem aviso prévio.
Since orders declined, the company has fired 50% of the work force without notice.
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Ele vai fazer cinquenta anos em breve.
He'll be fifty years old soon.
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A batalha durou 3 dias e custou a vida de 50 mil homens.
The battle lasted for 3 days and claimed the lives of 50,000 men.
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Michael Jackson morreu aos cinquenta anos de idade.
Michael Jackson died at the age of fifty.
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Cinquenta por cento dos trens foram afetados pela greve.
Fifty percent of the trains are affected by the strike.
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Mais de 50 milhões de pessoas morreram na Segunda Guerra Mundial.
More than 50 million people died in the Second World War.
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