Portuguese Word: hotel m.
Plural: hotéis
English Meaning: hotel

Example Sentences:

Hóspedes e funcionários foram obrigados a deixar o hotel quando o incêndio começou.
Guests and staff were forced to leave the hotel when a fire broke out.
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Onde fica o hotel mais próximo?
Where is the nearest hotel?
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Este hotel é péssimo! Eles cobram taxa extra para tudo.
This hotel is horrible! They charge an extra fee for everything.
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O parque fica a cinco minutos a pé do nosso hotel.
The park is a five minute walk from our hotel.
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Posso falar com o dono do hotel?
Can I speak to the owner of the hotel?
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O hotel está lotado.
The hotel is fully booked.
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Um turista morreu após cair da sacada de um hotel.
A holidaymaker died after falling from a hotel balcony.
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