Portuguese Word: dela
Plural: delas
English Meaning: 1. her, hers, of her 2. them 3. it

Example Sentences:

Ele é o ex-marido dela.
He is her ex-husband.
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O nome dela é Ana.
Her name is Ana.
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Esqueci o número do telefone dela.
I've forgotten her telephone number.
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Desde que comprou uma televisão widescreen, a vida dela passou a ter sentido outra vez.
Since she bought a widescreen TV, her life has become meaningful again.
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O sonho dela é ajudar os pobres na África.
Her dream is to help poor people in Africa.
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O novo show dela estava simplesmente deslumbrante.
Her new show was simply dazzling.
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Eu sou o sogro dela.
I'm her father-in-law.
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