Portuguese Word: terra f.
Plural: terras
English Meaning: 1. earth, world, globe 2. land, ground, soil 3. native land, country, nation

Example Sentences:

Na Idade Média acreditava-se que o mundo era composto por quatro elementos: terra, água, ar e fogo.
In the Middle Ages it was believed, that the world consists of four elements: earth, water, air and fire.
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A água é essencial à vida na Terra.
Water is essential for life on Earth.
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Se todos os insetos desaparecessem da Terra, dentro de cinquenta anos a vida na Terra se extinguiria.
If all the insects were to disappear from the Earth, within fifty years all life on Earth would end.
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Marte tem aproximadamente metade do diâmetro da Terra.
Mars has approximately half the diameter of Earth.
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