Portuguese Word: ter
English Meaning: 1. to have 2. there is, there are

Word Forms: tê, tem, têm, temos, tende, tendo, tenha, tenham, tenho, tens, terá, terem, teremos, teria, teríamos, teve, tida, tidas, tido, tidos, tinha, tinham, tínhamos, tive, tivemos, tiver, tivera, tiveram, tivéramos, tiveras, tivéreis, tivesse, tivessem, tiveste, tivestes

Example Sentences:

Eu tenho vinte anos de idade.
I'm twenty years old.
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Quantos anos você tem?
How old are you?
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O Michael e eu temos tanto em comum.
Michael and I have so much in common.
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Nós estamos casados há onze anos e temos quatro filhos.
We've been married for eleven years and have four children.
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Ela faleceu ontem, vinte horas após ter sido admitida no hospital devido a um acidente de carro.
She passed away yesterday, twenty hours after she was admitted into the hospital following a car crash.
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Não tenho mais perguntas a fazer.
I have no further questions.
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Você não tem escolha.
You don't have a choice.
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