Portuguese Word: nosso
Feminine: nossa
Plural: nossos
Plural (Feminine): nossas
English Meaning: 1. our 2. of us

Example Sentences:

Este foi nosso maior desafio.
This has been our biggest challenge.
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Há oito planetas no nosso sistema solar.
There are eight planets in our solar system.
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Você gostaria de vir ao nosso churrasco?
Would you like to come to our barbecue party?
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Nossa vaca teve um bezerro ontem à noite.
Our cow had a calf last night.
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Nosso filhinho já é muito interessado em ciência.
Our little son is already very interested in science.
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Nosso trem parte da plataforma dois.
Our train departs from track two.
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Acho que nosso cachorro está com vermes, temos que ir ao veterinário!
I think our dog has worms, we have to go to the vet!
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