English Sentence:

The train is late! Are we going to get there on time?

Portuguese Translation:

O trem está atrasado! Conseguiremos chegar lá em tempo?

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Words used:


1. the (male) 2. him 3. them 4. it 5. those

Here: the (male)

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trem m.


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to be

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atrasado, atrasada

late, overdue

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1. to obtain, to get, to achieve 2. can 3. to succeed in

Here: to succeed in

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to arrive, to come

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there, in that place, over there

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1. in 2. on 3. into 4. at

Here: in, on, into, at

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tempo m.

1. time 2. duration, period 3. weather 4. while

Here: time, duration, period, spell, while, length of time

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