English Sentence:

It's still a long way to the top of the mountain.

Portuguese Translation:

Ainda falta muito até o topo da montanha.

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Words used:


still, yet

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1. to lack, to be necessary 2. not to do, to leave undone, not to fulfil, to neglect. 3. to miss

Here: to miss

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muito, muita

1. very 2. much 3. many 4. a lot of

Here: very, much, many, a lot of

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1. till, until, by 2. thus, even, likewise, not only, but also 3. up to

Here: till, until, by

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1. the (male) 2. him 3. them 4. it 5. those

Here: the (male)

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topo m.

top, peak

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of the, from the (masculine singular)

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montanha f.


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