English Sentence:

He regained consciousness 2 hours after the accident.

Portuguese Translation:

Ele recuperou a consciência 2 horas depois do acidente.

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Words used:


1. he 2. him

Here: he

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1. to recover, to recuperate 2. to retrieve

Here: to retrieve

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1. the (female) 2. it, them 3. at, by, in, of, on, till, under, upon 4. her, them (female) 5. to, towards

Here: the (female)

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consciência f.

conscience, consciousness

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dois m., duas

two, 2

Here: two

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hora f.

1. hour 2. o'clock 3. time

Here: hour

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1. later 2. after

Here: after

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of the, from the (masculine singular)

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acidente m.

accident, crash

Here: accident, crash, car crash, plane crash

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