English Sentence:

He doesn't care about the consequences of his actions.

Portuguese Translation:

Ele não se importa com as consequências de suas ações.

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Words used:


1. he 2. him

Here: he

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no, not, do not, did not, will not

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to mind, to care

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1. the (female) 2. her, it, them 3. at, by, in, of, on, till, to, towards, under, upon 4. her, them (female)

Here: the (female)

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consequência f.

consequence, product, result

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1. of 2. from 3. to 4. in 5. than 6. by 7. on

Here: of

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seu, sua

1. your 2. his, her 3. their 4. its

Here: his

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ação f.

1. action, movement, activity 2. act 3. stock, capital (plural) 4. lawsuit 5. deed, act (noun), gesture

Here: action, movement, activity

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