Korean Word:
Romanization: ge
English Meaning: 1. (particle to make adverb 'ly') 2. crab 3. (것+이= 게) 4. will 5. (casual ending form to make a question meaning 'guess what') 6. so that someone or something can

Example Sentences:

그 여자분이 머리를 빨갛게 염색했어요.
geu yuh ja boon i muh ri reul pal gat ge yum sek het uh yo.
She has dyed her hair red.
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여기는 여름에 엄청나게 더워요.
yuh gi neun yuh reum e um chung na ge duh wuh yo.
In summer it's extremely hot here.
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휴가는 즐겁게 보내셨습니까?
hyoo ga neun jeul gup ge bo ne shut seup ni ka?
Did you have a nice holiday?
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거북이는 아주 느리게 움직입니다.
guh boo gi neun a joo noo ri ge woom ji gip ni da.
Tortoises move very slowly.
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실례합니다. 이건 주문한 게 아닌데요.
shil le hap ni da. i gun joo moon han ge a nin de yo.
Excuse me, I didn't order this!
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이 그림은 엄청나게 비쌉니다.
i geu rim eun um chung na ge bi sap ni da.
This painting has an incredibly high price.
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이 가게에서는 책을 싸게 살 수 있습니다.
i ga ge e suh neun chek eul sa ge sal soo it seup ni da.
You can get cheap books in this shop.
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