Korean Word:
Romanization: tal
English Meaning: daughter

Example Sentences:

제 딸은 여름 방학때 항상 슈퍼마켓에서 일합니다.
je tal woon yuh room bang hak te hang sang shoo puh ma ket e suh il hap ni da.
During the summer holidays my daughter always works in a supermarket.
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제 딸은 오늘 학교에서 울면서 돌아왔습니다. "무슨 일이 있었니?" 저는 딸에게 물었습니다.
je tal eun o neul hak gyo e suh wool myun suh do ra wat seup ni da . " moo seun il i it sut ni ?" juh neun tal e ge mool ut seup ni da.
My daughter came home from school crying today. "What happened?" I asked her.
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우리 딸은 혼자서도 잘 놀 수 있습니다.
woo ri tal eun hon ja suh do jal nol soo it seup ni da.
Our daughter is capable of occupying herself unattended.
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제 딸은 늘 학교 성적이 좋습니다.
je tal woon nool hak gyo sung juk i jo seup ni da.
My daughter always has good grades in school.
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제 딸은 일학년입니다.
je tal eun il hak nyun ip ni da.
My daughter is in the first grade.
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내 딸은 버스를 타고 등교했다.
ne tal eun buh soo reul ta go deung gyo het da.
My daughter took the bus to school.
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제 딸이 심한 귀 염증에 걸렸어요.
je tal i sim han gwi yum jeung e gul ryut uh yo.
My daughter caught a terrible ear infection.
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