Korean Word: 열리다
Romanization: yul li da
English Meaning: 1. to open 2. to be opened 3. to hold (meeting) 4. to take place

Word Forms: 열려 (yul lyuh), 열렸 (yul lyut), 열리 (yul li), 열릴 (yul lil)

Example Sentences:

저는 다음 주에 서울에서 열리는 컨벤션에 참석합니다.
juh noon da woom joo e suh wool e suh yul li noon kun ben shun e cham suk hap ni da.
Next week I will attend a convention in Seoul.
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들어오세요. 문이 열려있습니다.
dool uh o se yo. moon i yul ryuh i soop ni da.
Come on in, the door is open!
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문이 열려 있습니다.
moon i yul lyuh it seup ni da.
The door is open.
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장례식은 그녀의 사망 후 일주일 뒤에 열렸습니다.
jang rye sik eun geu nyuh eui sa mang hoo il joo il dwui e yul lyut seup ni da.
The funeral was one week after she died.
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남대문이 열렸어요!
nam de moon i yul lyut uh yo!
Your fly is open!
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창문이 열려 있나요?
chang moon i yul ryuh it na yo?
Is the window open?
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