Korean Word:
Romanization: dang
English Meaning: land, earth, soil
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Example Sentences:

중세에는 세상이 네 가지 요소인 땅, 물, 공기, 불로 이루어졌다고 믿었습니다.
joong se e noon se sang i ne ga ji yo so in tang, mool, gong gi, bool ro i roo uh jyut da go mit ut soop ni da.
In the Middle Ages it was believed, that the world consists of four elements: earth, water, air and fire.
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아쉽게도 여기는 땅이 너무 평평해서 등산을 할 수 없습니다.
a ship ge do yuh gi neun dang i nuh moo pyung pyung he suh deung san eul hal soo up seup ni da.
Unfortunately I can't go climbing here, the land is completely flat.
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두더지는 땅 속에 삽니다.
doo duh ji noon dang sok e sap ni da.
Moles live beneath the ground.
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