Korean Word: 하나
Romanization: ha na
English Meaning: one, 1 (hangeul)

Word Forms: 1 (han), 한 (han)

Example Sentences:

커피 한 잔 주세요.
kuh pi han jan joo se yo.
Can I have a cup of coffee please?
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다시 한번 말씀해 주세요.
da si han bun mal soom he joo se yo.
Please say it again.
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질문 하나 해도 되겠습니까?
jil moon ha na he do dwe get seup ni ka?
Can I ask you something?
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부산까지 왕복권 한장 부탁합니다.
boo san ka ji wang bok gwun han jang boo tak hap ni da.
One return-ticket to Busan, please.
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네? 다시 한번 말씀해 주시겠습니까?
ne? da shi han bun mal soom he joo shi get seup ni ka?
Pardon? Could you say that again?
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케이크 한 조각 드시겠습니까?
ke i koo han jo gak doo si get soop ni ka?
Do you want a piece of cake?
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방 하나 필요합니다.
bang ha na pil yo hap ni da.
I need a room.
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