Korean Word: 동물
Romanization: dong mool
English Meaning: animal

Example Sentences:

이 동물은 거의 멸종 상태에 있습니다.
i dong mool woon guh i myul jong sang te e it soop ni da.
This animal species is almost extinct.
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사자는 육식 동물 입니다.
sa ja neun yook sik dong mool ip ni da.
The lion is a predator.
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사슴은 아름다운 동물입니다.
sa seum eun a reum da woon dong mool ip ni da.
The deer is a beautiful animal.
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홍학은 매우 아름다운 동물입니다.
hong hak eun me woo a reum da woon dong mool ip ni da.
Flamingos are very beautiful animals.
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세상에 어떤 종류의 동물들이 존재하는가를 생각하면 정말 놀랍습니다.
se sang e uh tun jong ryoo eui dong mool deul i jon je ha neun ga reul seng gak ha myun jung mal nol lap seup ni da.
It is really astonishing what kind of creatures exist in the animal world.
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개미는 열심히 일하는 동물입니다.
ge mi neun yul shim hi il ha neun dong mool ip ni da.
Ants are very hard-working animals.
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용은 상상의 동물입니다.
yong eun sang sang eui dong mool ip ni da.
A dragon is a fantasy animal.
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