Korean Word:
Romanization: jom
English Meaning: 1. please (requesting sth) 2. a little 3. somewhat, somehow
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Example Sentences:

생각을 좀 해 봐야 할 것 같습니다.
seng gak eul jom he bwa ya hal gut gat seup ni da.
There were a lot of new impressions to digest.
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제발 날 좀 혼자 내버려둬요.
je bal nal jom hon ja ne buh ryuh dwuh yo.
Please leave me alone.
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계산서 좀 주세요.
gye san suh jom joo se yo.
The bill, please! (The check please!)
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그렇다고 좀 말해주세요.
geu ruh ta go jom mal he joo se yo.
Please say yes.
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아이스크림 좀 드시겠어요?
a i seu keu rim jom deu shi get uh yo?
Would you like some ice-cream?
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이 의자는 좀 불편해요.
i ui ja noon jom bool pyun he yo.
This chair isn't very comfortable.
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좀 도와 드릴까요?
jom do wa deu ril ka yo?
Can I help you?
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