Korean Word:
Romanization: we
English Meaning: why

Example Sentences:

왜 나한테 거짓말했어요?
we na han te guh jit mal het uh yo?
Why did you lie to me?
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왜 이렇게 항상 늦으세요?
we i ru ke hang sang neu jeu se yo?
Why are you always late?
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왜 자꾸 저를 뚫어지게 쳐다보세요?
we ja koo juh reul dul uh ji ge chuh da bo se yo?
Why do you keep staring at me?
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왜 울고 있어요?
we wool go it suh yo?
Why are you crying?
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왜 그랬습니까?
we geu ret seup ni ka?
Why did you do that?
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저에게 왜 이렇게 불친절하세요?
juh e ge we i ru ke bool chin jul ha se yo?
Why are you so unfriendly to me?
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아기가 왜 울고 있습니까?
a gi ga we wool go it seup ni ka?
Why is the baby crying?
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