Korean Word: 사망하다
Romanization: sa mang ha da
English Meaning: to die

Word Forms: 사망하 (sa mang ha), 사망했 (sa mang het)

Example Sentences:

프랑스에서는 홍수로 인해 최소 19명이 사망했습니다.
peu rang seu e suh neun hong soo ro in he chwe so 1 goo myung i sa mang het seup ni da.
In France, at least 19 people have died in floods.
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그 사고로 46명의 선원들이 사망했다.
geu sa go ro 46 myung eui sun wun deul i sa mang het da.
Forty-six sailors died in the incident.
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그는 1989년에 에이즈로 사망했어요.
geu neun 1989 nyun e e i jeu ro sa mang het uh yo.
He died of AIDS in 1989.
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영국 병사 한 명이 지뢰를 제거하던 중에 사망했습니다.
yung gook byung sa han myung i ji rwe reul je guh ha dun joong e sa mang het seup ni da.
A British soldier was killed while clearing mines.
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그녀는 어제 사망했습니다.
geu nyuh neun uh je sa mang het seup ni da.
She died yesterday.
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20세기에는 수백만명의 사람들이 천연두로 사망했습니다.
i ship se gi e neun soo bek man myung eui sa ram deul i chun yun doo ro sa mang het seup ni da.
Millions of people died of smallpox in the 20th century.
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작전 중에 30명 이상의 반란군이 사망했습니다.
jak jun joong e sam ship myung i sang eui bal lan goon i sa mang het seup ni da.
More than 30 insurgents were killed during the operation.
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Related Words:


sa mang


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ha da

1. to do 2. to be (+ adjective or noun to describe something) 3. to have to, must 4. (after verb to tell how another person feels) 5. to say, to speak (short version)

Here: to be (+ adjective or noun to describe something)

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