Korean Word: 여기
Romanization: yuh gi
English Meaning: here
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Example Sentences:

여기 인터넷 됩니까?
yuh gi in tuh net dwep ni ka?
Is Internet available here?
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여기서 좌회전 하세요.
yuh gi suh jwa hwe jun ha se yo.
Turn left here.
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여기서 어떤 결론을 내릴 수 있겠습니까?
yuh gi suh uh tun gyul ron eul ne ril soo it get seup ni ka?
What conclusion can we draw from this?
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죄송하지만 여기는 일식집이 없습니다.
jwue song ha ji man yuh gi neun il sik jip i up seup ni da.
Unfortunately there are no Japanese restaurants here.
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나는 여기에는 흥미가 없습니다.
na neun yuh gi e neun heung mi ga up seup ni da.
This topic doesn't interest me.
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여기는 여름에 엄청나게 더워요.
yuh gi noon yuh room e um chung na ge duh wuh yo.
In summer it's extremely hot here.
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여기서는 비둘기에게 모이를 주는 것이 금지되어 있습니다.
yuh gi suh neun bi dool gi e ge mo i reul joo neun gut i geum ji dwe uh it seup ni da.
It is forbidden to feed the pigeons here.
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