Korean Word: 만하다
Romanization: man ha da
English Meaning: worth, to deserve to (+verb)

Word Forms: 만한 (man han), 만해 (man he), 만했 (man het)

Example Sentences:

오늘은 전세계 역사에 남을 만한 날입니다.
o neul eun jun se ge yuk sa e na meul man han nal ip ni da.
This is a memorable day for the whole world.
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전 그 영화 한 번 봤는데 다시 또 볼만해요.
jun geu yung wha han bun bwat neun de da shi to bol man he yo.
I have seen the film once, but it is worth seeing again.
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뉴욕은 가볼 만해요.
nyoo yok eun ga bol man he yo.
New York is worth visiting.
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