Korean Word: 도 되다
Romanization: do dwe da
English Meaning: It's OK to (+verb), can (permission)
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Word Forms: 도 돼 (do dwe), 도 되 (do dwe), 도 될 (do dwel)

Example Sentences:

질문 하나 해도 되겠습니까?
jil moon ha na he do dwe get seup ni ka?
Can I ask you something?
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잠깐 쉬어도 되겠습니까? 매우 피곤합니다.
jam kan shi uh do dwe get seup ni ka? me woo pi gon hap ni da.
May I rest a moment? I'm awfully tired.
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충고를 좀 해드려도 되겠습니까?
choong go reul jom he doo ryuh do dwe get seup ni ka?
Can I offer you some advice?
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여기서 담배를 피워도 되나요?
yuh gi suh dam be reul pi wuh do dwe na yo?
Can I smoke here?
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사진 좀 찍어도 될까요?
sa jin jom jik uh do dwel ka yo?
Can I take your photo?
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이 사과는 멍이 들었어요. 다른 걸로 해도 될까요?
i sa gwa neun mung i deul ut suh yo. da reun gul ro he do dwel ka yo?
This apple is bruised. Can I have another one?
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담배 좀 피워도 될까요?
dam be jom pi wuh do dwel ka yo?
Do you mind if I smoke?
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