Korean Word: 고 싶어하다
Romanization: go ship uh ha da
English Meaning: to hope to, to want to (third person)

Word Forms: 고 싶어하 (go ship uh ha), 고 싶어합 (go ship uh hap), 고 싶어해 (go uh he)

Example Sentences:

그 여자분은 뉴질랜드에서 여생을 보내고 싶어합니다.
geu yuh ja boon eun nyoo jil len deu e suh yuh seng eul bo ne go ship uh hap ni da.
She wants to spend the rest of her life in New Zealand.
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그는 언젠가 일본에서 살고 싶어합니다.
geu neun un jen ga il bon e suh sal go ship uh hap ni da.
One day he would like to live in Japan.
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그녀는 새 차를 사고 싶어합니다.
geu nyuh neun se cha reul sa go ship uh hap ni da.
She wants to buy a new car.
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그녀는 치과 의사가 되고 싶어해요.
geu nyuh neun chi gwa eui sa ga dwe go uh he yo.
She wants to become a dentist.
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그녀는 그렇게 열심히 일하고 싶어하지 않아요.
geu nyuh neun geu ruh ke yul shim hi il ha go ship uh ha ji an a yo.
She isn't willing to work hard.
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제 딸은 운동선수가 되고 싶어해요.
je tal eun woon dong sun soo ga dwe go uh he yo.
My daughter wants to become an athlete.
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