Korean Word: 들다
Romanization: deul da
English Meaning: 1. to lift, to carry, to raise 2. to eat, to drink 3. to age 4. to cost 5. to enter, to go in, to fall 6. to like 7. to get (disease, sickness) 8. to get (feelings) 9. to get insurance

Word Forms: 드 (deu), 든 (deun), 들 (deul), 들어 (deul uh), 듭 (deup)

Example Sentences:

이 안경은 그를 더 나이들어 보이게 합니다.
i an gyung eun geu reul duh na i deul uh bo i ge hap ni da.
These glasses make him look older.
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이 무거운 가방을 들어 드릴까요?
i moo guh woon ga bang eul deul uh deu ril ka yo?
Shall I carry this heavy bag for you?
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이 호텔은 너무 안 좋아. 모든 거에 추가 비용이 들어.
i ho tel eun nuh moo an jo a. mo deun guh e choo ga bi yong i deul uh.
This hotel is horrible, they charge an extra fee for everything.
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최근 들어 미국 달러의 가치가 떨어지고 있습니다.
chwe geun deul uh mi gook dal luh eui ga chi ga tul uh ji go it seup ni da.
Recently the value of the US Dollar has been falling.
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그건 비용이 얼마나 들죠?
geu gun bi yong i ul ma na deul jyo?
How much does it cost?
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그가 3개월 동안 집을 비운 사이 그의 집에 도둑이 들었습니다.
geu ga sam ge wul dong an jip eul bi woon sa i geu eui jip e do dook i deul ut seup ni da.
The criminals had broken into his house while he was away for three months.
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저는 이 보험에 들고 싶습니다.
juh neun i bo hum e deul go ship seup ni da.
I would like to take out this insurance.
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