Korean Word: 들다
Romanization: deul da
English Meaning: 1. to lift, to carry, to raise 2. to eat, to drink 3. to age 4. to cost 5. to enter, to go in, to fall 6. to like 7. to get (disease, sickness) 8. to get (feelings) 9. to get insurance
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Word Forms: 드 (deu), 든 (deun), 들 (deul), 들어 (deul uh), 듭 (deup)

Example Sentences:

아이스크림 좀 드시겠어요?
a i seu keu rim jom deu shi get uh yo?
Would you like some ice-cream?
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케이크 한 조각 드시겠습니까?
ke i koo han jo gak doo si get soop ni ka?
Do you want a piece of cake?
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이 안경은 그를 더 나이들어 보이게 합니다.
i an gyung eun geu reul duh na i deul uh bo i ge hap ni da.
These glasses make him look older.
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이 무거운 가방을 들어 드릴까요?
i moo guh woon ga bang wool dool uh doo ril ka yo?
Shall I carry this heavy bag for you?
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최근들어 미국 달러의 가치가 떨어지고 있습니다.
choe goon dool uh mi gook dal luh ui ga chi ga tul uh ji go it soop ni da.
Recently the value of the US Dollar has been falling.
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들어오세요. 문이 열려있습니다.
dool uh o se yo. moon i yul ryuh i soop ni da.
Come on in, the door is open!
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그건 비용이 얼마나 들죠?
goo gun bi yong i ul ma na dool jyo?
How much does it cost?
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