Korean Word: 어제
Romanization: uh je
English Meaning: yesterday

Word Forms: 어젯 (uh jet)

Example Sentences:

저는 어제 정원에서 고슴도치를 보았습니다.
juh noon uh je jung wun e suh go soom do chi rool bo at soop ni da.
Yesterday I've seen a hedgehog in the garden.
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우리집 소가 어젯밤에 송아지를 낳았습니다.
woo ri jip so ga uh jet bam e song a ji rool na at soop ni da.
Our cow had a calf last night.
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어제 빼고는 계속 날씨가 화창했습니다.
uh je pe go noon gye sok nal si ga hwa chang het soop ni da.
Except yesterday the weather was always good.
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어제 서핑하는 방법을 배웠습니다.
uh je suh ping ha noon bang bup wool be wut soop ni da.
Yesterday I learnt how to surf.
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어제 난 사악한 광대가 나오는 악몽을 꿨다.
uh je nan sa ak han gwang de ga na o noon ak mong wool kwut da.
Yesterday I had a nightmare about an evil clown.
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그 비밀서류가 어제 언론에 누설되었습니다.
geu bi mil suh ryoo ga uh je un ron e noo sul dwe ut soop ni da.
The secret document was leaked to the press yesterday.
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어제서야 알게 되었습니다.
uh je suh ya al ge dwe ut soop ni da.
I only found out yesterday.
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