Korean Word: 신자
Romanization: shin ja
English Meaning: believer
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Example Sentences:

인생은 한번 뿐이야 - 너가 힌두교 신자가 아닌 한!
in seng eun han bun poon i ya - nuh ga hin doo gyo shin ja ga a nin han!
You only live once - unless you are Hindu!
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Related Words:


1. God 2. shoes 3. joy, delight, excitement 4. to believe (hanja) 5. new 6. body

Here: to believe (hanja)

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1. ruler (stationery item) 2. person 3. son 4. (particle after verb to add meaning of 'as soon as') 5. well, there (exclamation) 6. let's 7. (particle that comes before 'use or good') 8. letter, character 9. even if

Here: person

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