Korean Word: 않다
Romanization: an ta
English Meaning: to be not, to do not
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Word Forms: 않 (an), 않아 (an a)

Example Sentences:

그 사람은 부모 말을 듣지 않고 자기 고집대로 합니다.
geu sa ram eun boo mo mal eul deut ji an go ja gi go jip de ro hap ni da.
He does what he wants regardless of what his parents say.
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아무한테도 말하지 않겠습니다.
a moo han te do mal ha ji an get seup ni da.
I won't tell anybody.
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조사한 것에서 아무 결과도 나오지 않았습니다.
jo sa han gut e suh a moo gyul gwa do na o ji an at seup ni da.
The search didn't show a result.
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그 사람은 자신의 건강을 잘 챙기지 않습니다.
geu sa ram eun ja sin eui gun gang eul jal cheng gi ji an seup ni da.
He doesn't care about his health.
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나는 일이 두렵지 않습니다.
na neun il i doo ryup ji an seup ni da.
I'm not afraid of work.
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나는 이 책을 조금 밖에 읽어 보지 않았습니다.
na neun i chek eul jo goom ba ke il guh bo ji an at seup ni da.
I've only read a small part of this book
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나는 이 가능성을 배제하지 않습니다.
na neun i ga noong sung eul be je ha ji an seup ni da.
I don't rule out this possibility.
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