Korean Word: 통하다
Romanization: tong ha da
English Meaning: 1. to connect, to lead to 2. to pass through 3. by (method), through
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Word Forms: 통하 (tong ha), 통할 (tong hal), 통해 (tong he), 통해서 (tong he suh), 통했 (tong het)

Example Sentences:

저는 이 웹사이트를 통해 한국어를 아주 빨리 배우고 있습니다.
juh neun i wep sa i teu reul tong he han gook uh reul a joo pal li be woo go it seup ni da.
I learn Korean very rapidly with this website.
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그는 그의 실수를 통해서 배웠습니다.
geu neun geu eui shil soo reul tong he suh be wut seup ni da.
He learnt from his mistakes.
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그는 대통령이 선거 조작을 통해 당선되었다고 주장한다.
geu neun de tong ryung i sun guh jo jak eul tong he dang sun dwe ut da go joo jang han da.
He claims that the president won through vote fraud.
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그녀는 관을 통해 영양공급을 받고 있어요.
geu nyuh neun gwan eul tong he yung yang gong goop eul bat go it suh yo.
She is being fed through a tube.
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