Korean Word: 광부
Romanization: gwang boo
English Meaning: miner (worker)

Example Sentences:

33명의 광부들이 광산에 갇혔습니다.
33 myung eui gwang boo deul i gwang san e gat chut seup ni da.
33 miners are trapped in the mine.
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65명의 광부들이 가스 폭발로 사망했습니다.
65 myung eui gwang boo deul i ga seu pok bal ro sa mang het seup ni da.
65 miners died in a gas explosion.
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Related Words:


1. wealth, the rich 2. father 3. wife or husband 4. part, division, department 5. worker 6. not (when it comes as a prefix) 7. vice

Here: worker

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