Korean Word: 병사
Romanization: byung sa
English Meaning: soldier

Example Sentences:

병사들은 몇 달간을 물과 전기없이 살아야 했어요.
byung sa deul eun myut dal gan eul mool gwa jun gi up shi sa ra ya het uh yo.
The soldiers had to spend months living without running water or electricity.
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영국 병사 한 명이 지뢰를 제거하던 중에 사망했습니다.
yung gook byung sa han myung i ji rwe reul je guh ha dun joong e sa mang het seup ni da.
A British soldier was killed while clearing mines.
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병사는 과다출혈로 사망했습니다.
byung sa neun gwa da chool hyul ro sa mang het seup ni da.
The soldier bled to death.
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