Korean Word: 날씨
Romanization: nal si
English Meaning: weather

Example Sentences:

오늘 날씨가 참 좋다.
o neul nal si ga cham jo ta.
The weather is very nice today.
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오늘은 수영을 하기에는 너무 추운 날씨입니다.
o neul eun soo yung eul ha gi e neun nuh moo choo woon nal si ip ni da.
Today it is too cold to go swimming.
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날씨가 추우니 장갑을 끼세요.
nal si ga choo woo ni jang gap eul ki se yo.
It's cold, put on your gloves.
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밖에 날씨도 따뜻한데 반바지를 입지 그래요!
bak e nal si do ta teut han de ban ba ji reul ip ji geu re yo!
Why don't you wear shorts, it's very warm outside!
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어제 빼고는 계속 날씨가 화창했습니다.
uh je pe go neun ge sok nal si ga hwa chang het seup ni da.
Except yesterday the weather was always good.
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내일은 날씨가 좋을 겁니다.
ne il eun nal si ga jo eul gup ni da.
Tomorrow the weather will be good.
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내일은 날씨가 어떨까요?
ne il eun nal si ga uh dul ka yo?
What will the weather be like tomorrow?
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