Korean Word:
Romanization: se
English Meaning: 1. bird 2. new

Example Sentences:

그 새는 둥지를 짓고 있습니다.
geu se neun doong ji reul jit go it seup ni da.
The bird is building a nest.
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저 가구는 완전히 새 것인데 제 고양이가 벌써 할퀴어 놓았습니다.
juh ga goo neun wan jun hi se gut in de je go yang i ga bul suh hal qwi uh no at seup ni da.
That furniture is brand new, and my cat has already scratched it.
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대부분의 미국인들은 새 대통령이 아주 좋다고 생각합니다.
de boo boon eui mi gook in deul eun se de tong ryung i a joo jo ta go seng gak hap ni da.
The majority of US-Americans believe that the new president is very good.
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새들이 서쪽으로 날아갔습니다.
se deul i suh jok eu ro na ra gat seup ni da.
The birds flew westward.
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그 새가 둥지를 틀었습니다.
geu se ga doong ji reul teul ut seup ni da.
The bird has built a nest.
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새가 나무에서 지저귀고 있습니다.
se ga na moo e suh ji juh gwi go it seup ni da.
The bird is chirping in the tree.
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그녀의 새 책은 아직 제목 미정이다.
geu nyuh eui se chek eun a jik je mok mi jung i da.
Her new book doesn't have a title yet.
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