Korean Word: 일어나다
Romanization: il uh na da
English Meaning: 1. to get up, to wake up 2. to rise 3. to happen, to take place
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Word Forms: 일어나 (il uh na), 일어난 (il uh nan), 일어날 (il uh nal), 일어납 (il uh nap), 일어났 (il uh nat)

Example Sentences:

내일 그 여자분은 매우 일찍 일어나야 합니다.
ne il geu yuh ja boon eun me woo il chik il uh na ya hap ni da.
Tomorrow she has to get up very early.
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일어나 주시기 바랍니다.
il uh na joo shi gi ba rap ni da.
Please stand up.
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저는 7시에 일어납니다.
juh neun il gop shi e il uh nap ni da.
I get up at 7 o'clock.
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밖에서 나는 소리에 일어났습니다.
ba ke suh na neun so ri e il uh nat seup ni da.
The noise outside woke me up.
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내일 일찍 일어나야 합니다.
ne il il chik il uh na ya hap ni da.
You will have to get up early tomorrow.
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전 무슨 일이 일어났는지 알 권리가 있어요.
jun moo seun il i il uh nat neun ji al gyun ri ga it suh yo.
I have a right to know, what happened.
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그녀는 안 일어났어요.
geu nyuh neun an il uh nat uh yo.
She is not awake.
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