Korean Word: 오늘
Romanization: o neul
English Meaning: today

Example Sentences:

오늘 날씨가 참 좋다.
o neul nal si ga cham jo ta.
The weather is very nice today.
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오늘은 전세계 역사에 남을 만한 날입니다.
o neul eun jun se ge yuk sa e na meul man han nal ip ni da.
This is a memorable day for the whole world.
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오늘 저녁에 시간 있어요?
o neul juh nyuk e shi gan it suh yo?
Do you have time this evening?
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오늘 저녁에 뭐 해요?
o neul juh nyuk e mwuh he yo
What are you doing tonight?
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오늘은 수영을 하기에는 너무 추운 날씨입니다.
o neul eun soo yung eul ha gi e neun nuh moo choo woon nal si ip ni da.
Today it is too cold to go swimming.
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제 딸은 오늘 학교에서 울면서 돌아왔습니다. "무슨 일이 있었니?" 저는 딸에게 물었습니다.
je tal eun o neul hak gyo e suh wool myun suh do ra wat seup ni da . " moo seun il i it sut ni ?" juh neun tal e ge mool ut seup ni da.
My daughter came home from school crying today. "What happened?" I asked her.
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나는 오늘 사파리에서 얼룩말들이 크게 무리지어 있는 것을 보았습니다.
na neun o neul sa pa ri e suh ul rook mal deul i keu ge moo ri ji uh it neun gut eul bo at seup ni da.
Today on the safari I saw a big herd of zebras.
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