Korean Word: 싫다
Romanization: sil ta
English Meaning: to hate, to dislike

Word Forms: 싫 (sil), 싫어 (si ruh), 싫었 (si rut), 싫으 (si roo), 싫을 (si rool)

Example Sentences:

나는 영화 보는 중에 광고가 나오는 게 정말 싫어요.
na neun yung wha bo neun joong e gwang go ga na o neun ge jung mal si ruh yo.
I hate it when the movie is interrupted by adverts.
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전 그 남자가 싫어요.
jun geu nam ja ga si ruh yo.
I don't like him.
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전 문법 공부가 싫어요!
jun moon bup gong boo ga si ruh yo!
I hate to learn grammar!
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저는 폭력을 싫어합니다.
juh neun pok ryuk eul si ruh hap ni da.
I hate violence.
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오늘 일하기 싫다.
o neul il ha gi sil ta.
I don't feel like working today. (Talking to oneself)
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저는 이런 후덥지근한 여름 밤이 너무 싫어요!
juh neun i run hoo dup ji geun han yuh reum bam i nuh moo si ruh yo!
How I hate these sultry summer evenings!
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