Korean Word:
Romanization: de
English Meaning: 1. big, great 2. team 3. stand, rest, base 4. (measure word for vehicles) 5. range 6. (particle in verb to add meaning of 'they say', 'I hear') 7. time, period 8. versus 9. military 10. to replace, to substitute
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그는 편집인이지만 그가 진짜 꿈꿔온 직업은 생명 구조대원입니다.
goo noon pyun jip in i ji man goo ga jin cha koom kwuh on jik up woon seng myung goo jo de won ip ni da.
He is an editor, but his dream job is to be a lifeguard.
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제 2차 세계 대전 중에 포르투갈은 중립국이었습니다.
je 2 cha se gye de jun joong e po roo too gal woon joong rip gook i ut soop ni da.
During the Second World War Portugal remained neutral.
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대부분의 미국인들은 새 대통령이 아주 좋다고 생각합니다.
de boo boon ui mi gook in dool woon se de tong ryung i a joo jo ta go seng gak hap ni da.
The majority of US-Americans believe that the new president is very good.
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이 도시는 2차대전 때 거의 파괴되었습니다.
i do si noon 2 cha de jun te guh ui pa gwe dwe ut soop ni da.
This city was almost completely destroyed in the second world war.
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그 항공사는 항공기를 70대 이상 보유하고 있습니다.
geu hang gong sa neun hang gong gi reul chil ship de i sang bo yoo ha go it seup ni da.
The airline has more than seventy airplanes.
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마드리드는 대도시예요.
ma deu ri deu neun de do si ye yo.
Madrid is a big city.
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우주의 탄생은 대폭발과 함께 시작되었다.
woo joo eui tan seng eun de pok bal gwa ham ke si jak dwe ut da.
The birth of the universe started with the big bang.
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