Korean Word:
Romanization: de
English Meaning: 1. big, great 2. team 3. stand, rest, base 4. (measure word for vehicles) 5. range 6. (particle in verb to add meaning of 'they say', 'I hear') 7. time, period 8. versus 9. military 10. to replace, to substitute

Example Sentences:

그 항공사는 항공기를 70대 이상 보유하고 있습니다.
geu hang gong sa neun hang gong gi reul chil ship de i sang bo yoo ha go it seup ni da.
The airline has more than seventy airplanes.
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마드리드는 대도시예요.
ma deu ri deu neun de do shi ye yo.
Madrid is a big city.
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우주의 탄생은 대폭발과 함께 시작되었다.
woo joo eui tan seng eun de pok bal gwa ham ke shi jak dwe ut da.
The birth of the universe started with the big bang.
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몇 점이야? 일 대 일.
myut jum i ya? il de il.
What is the score? One all.
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최종 점수는 2대1이에요.
chwe jong jum soo neun i de il i e yo.
The final score is 2-1.
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친구들이 저 보고 살이 빠졌대요.
chin goo deul i juh bo go sa ri pa jut de yo.
My friends noticed that I've lost weight.
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의사가 이 약을 정기적으로 복용해야 한대요.
eui sa ga i yak eul jung gi juk eu ro bok yong he ya han de yo.
The doctor said I have to take these tablets regularly.
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