Korean Word:
Romanization: wul
English Meaning: 1. month 2. moon 3. Monday
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Example Sentences:

그 사람의 생일은 7월입니다.
goo sa ram ui seng il woon 7 wul ip ni da.
His birthday is in July.
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1월에는 굉장히 추워집니다.
1 wul e noon gwueng jang hi choo wuh jip ni da.
It gets very cold in January.
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12월에는 눈이 많이 내립니다.
12 wul e noon noon i man i ne rip ni da.
We have lots of snow in December.
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10월에는 나뭇잎이 울긋불긋하게 변합니다.
10 wul e noon na moot nip i wool goot bool goot ha ge byun hap ni da.
In October, leaves turn red and yellow.
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봄은 3월에 시작됩니다.
bom woon 3 wul e si jak dwep ni da.
Spring starts in March.
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