Korean Word: 늘다
Romanization: neul da
English Meaning: to gain, to mount, to grow
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Word Forms: 느 (neu), 늘 (neul)

Example Sentences:

연습을 하면 할수록 한국어 실력은 더 늘 거예요.
yun seup eul ha myun hal soo rok han gook uh shil lyuk eun duh neul guh ye yo.
The more you practise, the better your Korean will be.
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신종플루 감염자가 두 배로 늘었다.
sin jong peul loo gam yum ja ga doo be ro nool ut da.
The number of new swine flu infections has doubled.
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제 수입은 지난 5년동안 두배로 늘었습니다.
je soo ip woon ji nan 5 nyun dong an doo be ro nool ut seup ni da.
My income has doubled in the last 5 years.
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