Korean Word: 수록
Romanization: soo rok
English Meaning: (particle between 2 sets of verbs or adjectives to add meaning of 'the more ~, the more ~')
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Example Sentences:

연습을 하면 할수록 한국어 실력은 더 늘 거예요.
yun seup eul ha myun hal soo rok han gook uh shil lyuk eun duh neul guh ye yo.
The more you practise, the better your Korean will be.
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인터넷에서 얻을 수 있는 정보가 갈수록 많아지고 있다.
in tuh net e suh ut eul soo it neun jung bo ga gal soo rok ma na ji go it da.
More and more information is available on the Internet.
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