Korean Word:
Romanization: je
English Meaning: 1. the 2. sibling 3. ceremony 4. my (polite) 5. medicine (hanja) 6. to make (hanja)

Example Sentences:

곧 제 월급이 오를 겁니다.
got je wul geup i o reul gup ni da.
Soon I'll get a raise.
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제 편지를 받았습니까?
je pyun ji reul bat at seup ni ka?
Did you receive my letter?
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제 안경이 어디에 있습니까?
je an gyung i uh di e it seup ni ka?
Where are my glasses?
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제 조카는 내일이면 12살이 됩니다.
je jo ka neun ne il i myun yul dool sal i dwep ni da.
My niece turns twelve tomorrow.
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제 변호사와 상의하고 싶습니다.
je byun ho sa wa sang eui ha go ship seup ni da.
I would like to talk to my lawyer.
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제 2차 세계 대전 중에 포르투갈은 중립국이었습니다.
je i cha se ge de jun joong e po reu too gal eun joong rip gook i ut seup ni da.
During the Second World War Portugal remained neutral.
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제 공급업체는 매우 믿을 만합니다.
je gong goop up che neun me woo mit eul man hap ni da.
My supplier is very reliable.
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