Korean Word: 나이
Romanization: na i
English Meaning: age

Example Sentences:

이 나무는 나이가 100년도 더 되었습니다.
i na moo neun na i ga bek nyun do duh dwe ut seup ni da.
This tree is over one hundred years old.
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이 안경은 그를 더 나이들어 보이게 합니다.
i an gyung eun geu reul duh na i deul uh bo i ge hap ni da.
These glasses make him look older.
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제 사촌은 저보다 나이가 세 살이 많아요.
je sa chon eun juh bo da na i ga se sal i ma na yo.
My cousin is three years older than I.
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그녀는 나이에 비해 몸매가 좋습니다.
geu nyuh neun na i e bi he mom me ga jo seup ni da.
She is in good shape for a woman of her age.
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동양 여성은 흔히 실제 나이보다 훨씬 더 어려보입니다.
dong yang yuh sung eun heun hi shil je na i bo da hwul sin duh uh ryuh bo ip ni da.
Asian women often look much younger than they are.
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제가 더 나이가 많아요.
je ga duh na i ga ma na yo.
I'm older than you.
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그는 투표할 수 있는 나이가 안 돼요.
geu neun too pyo hal soo it neun na i ga an dwe yo.
He is not old enough to vote.
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