Korean Word: 밖에
Romanization: ba ke
English Meaning: 1. only (comes with a negator, not) 2. outside 3. other than

Example Sentences:

나는 이 책을 조금 밖에 읽어 보지 않았습니다.
na neun i chek eul jo geum ba ke il guh bo ji an at seup ni da.
I've only read a small part of this book
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그 분은 은퇴할 날이 몇 년 밖에 남지 않았습니다.
geu boon eun woon twe hal nal i myut nyun ba ke nam ji an at seup ni da.
There are only a few years left until his retirement.
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저는 이 책을 아주 조금 밖에 읽지 못했습니다.
juh neun i chek eul a joo jo geum ba ke ik ji mot het seup ni da.
I've only read a small part of this book.
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저는 어젯밤에 다섯 시간밖에 못 잤습니다.
juh neun uh jet bam e da sut shi gan ba ke mot jat seup ni da.
I only slept for 5 hours last night.
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그 밖에는요?
geu ba ke neun yo
Anything else?
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밖에서 나는 소리에 일어났습니다.
ba ke suh na neun so ri e il uh nat seup ni da.
The noise outside woke me up.
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그녀는 임신한지 몇 주밖에 되지 않았어요.
geu nyuh neun im shin han ji myut joo ba ke dwe ji an at suh yo.
She is only a few weeks pregnant.
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