Korean Word:
Romanization: yo
English Meaning: 1. (statement ending in polite tone) 2. (question ending in polite tone) 3. (suggestion ending in polite tone, "let's")

Word Forms: 가요 (ga yo), 나요 (na yo), 아요 (a yo), 어요 (uh yo), 오 (o)

Example Sentences:

일본어 잘해요.
il bon uh jal he yo.
I can speak Japanese well.
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내일 거기서 만나요!
ne il guh gi suh man na yo!
See you there tomorrow!
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저녁에 만나요!
juh nyuk e man na yo!
See you in the evening!
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sa rang he yo.
I love you (someone or something).
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구급차를 부를까요?
goo geup cha reul boo reul ka yo?
Should I call an ambulance?
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양심의 가책이 있는 사람이에요?
yang shim eui ga chek i it neun sa ram i e yo?
Do you have a guilty conscience?
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그게 한국말로 뭐예요?
geu ge han gook mal ro mwu ye yo?
How do you say that in Korean?
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