Korean Word:
Romanization: myut
English Meaning: 1. how many 2. a number of 3. a few 4. what (+noun)

Example Sentences:

몇 살 이세요?
myut sal i se yo?
How old are you?
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이건 몇 년 간 연습한 결과입니다.
i gun myut nyun gan yun seup han gyul gwa ip ni da.
This takes years of practice.
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그 분은 은퇴할 날이 몇 년 밖에 남지 않았습니다.
geu boon eun woon twe hal nal i myut nyun ba ke nam ji an at seup ni da.
There are only a few years left until his retirement.
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"몇 살이니?" 경찰관이 물었습니다. 소년은 "14살이에요" 라고 대답했습니다.
"myut sal i ni ?" gyung chal gwan i mool ut seup ni da. so nyun eun"yul ne sal i e yo"ra go de dap het seup ni da.
"How old are you?" asked the policeman. "Fourteen," said the boy.
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그 사람은 몇 년 간 실직상태에 있다가 마침내 건물 관리인 자리를 얻었습니다.
geu sa ram eun myut nyun gan shil jik sang te e it da ga ma chim ne gun mool gwan ri in ja ri reul ut ut seup ni da.
He was unemployed for years, but eventually found a job as a janitor.
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사과를 몇 개나 샀니?
sa gwa reul myut ge na sat ni?
How many apples did you buy?
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지금 몇시죠?
ji geum myut shi jyo?
What time is it?
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